introspective language music #ilm

a project combining elements of language and music for internal navigation, started by hilary j e f f e r y in 2012

studies which use concise instructions combining text + image + sound to enable introspective states

larger scale work using material generated by the instruction-studies

relevant quotations drawn from a variety of published texts

bibliography, discography and links to relevant work and research

#ilm has been through 3 phases so far:

phase 1 (2013 – 2014)
supported by:
netherlands performing arts fund
x-trakt production / initiative neu musik (berlin)

instruction_001 “language sea”
instruction_002 “translate the transitions”
instruction_003 “talk to yourself”
instruction_004 “tune your syllables”
composition_001 “territory”

phase 2 (2015)
supported by:
showroom of contemporary sound (zagreb)
sonic acts / dark ecology (amsterdam / murmansk)

instruction 005 “meta memory”
composition_002 “linguistic cabaret”
composition_003 “murmansk spaceport”

phase 3 (2021)
supported by musikfonds (berlin)

composition_004 “voice paths”